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BSU Phi Sigma Sigma

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We're taking the Plunge to support the amazing athletes of Special Olympics Massachusetts! For more than 40 years Special Olympics Massachusetts has helped drive acceptance and inclusion through sports in communities and we want to make sure they continue making this possible, all for free.

Join us in my plunging or make a donation on our behalf. And feel free to meet us when we come out of the water with a cup of coffee and 7 towels!.

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,400.00  
General Team Donation$145.00  
Becca Vickery$25.00  
   Naldine Augustin$10.00  
   Cayla Barker$10.00  
   Lauren Brady$25.00  
   Amanda Carlow$10.00  
   Jaqueline Cathcart$45.00  
   Samantha Cicirelli$30.00  
   Hannah Conlon$10.00  
   Kate Davis$10.00  
   Kylie DeGust$15.00  
   Emily Dickson$105.00  
   Mariah DiToro$10.00  
   Brittany Estrella$210.00  
   Rachel Freeman$75.00  
   Allyson Gingras$25.00  
   Amanda Gomez$10.00  
   Katy Goodwin$125.00  
   Angelique Gray$135.00  
   Ericka Grondin$0.00  
   Becca Kenney$10.00  
   Charlotte Kerwin$125.00  
   Tiffanee L'Heureux$25.00  
   Carly Mackinnon$10.00  
   Alexandra Manna$100.00  
   Maggie Mannion$15.00  
   Marissa Maroni$15.00  
   Sarah Mathews$405.00  
   Caitlin Nord$0.00  
   Kara Paulauskas$10.00  
   Amanda Pitts$0.00  
   Isabella Provo$15.00  
   Jackie Rivers$15.00  
   Ellie Roberts$35.00  
   Megan Royek$10.00  
   Jordan Sharpe$200.00  
   Ashley Singarella$0.00  
   Amanda Smick$75.00  
   Amanda Spano$45.00  
   Kat Tessier$5.00  
   Maggie Tiano$50.00  
   Michelle Tonkonogy$0.00  
   Erin Wentzel$75.00  
   Caroline Wilbur$130.00  

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